The naked King


What will be mentioned below are thoughts for citizens who suspect that something may not be exactly as they present it to us.
The theory of Classical Medicine and the incredible poisons recommended for treatment, divert immunity for a while, since the body considers them a greater danger than the virus itself! However, if someone does not have a strong temperament, he cannot recover.

Of course, why some organisms overeact (lungs – kidneys) only alternative therapies have studied in depth (Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Hippocratic Medicine, the tuberculous temperament is a good initial approach)!

Of course the versatile studies of classical medicine are all mostly bias! (Ioannidis)
Some doctors admit it. We have no cure for the virus so far! Only technological support (respirators – the holy grail).
Everything will come in the future! Some substance from the depths of China that promises a lot (antibodies, vaccine with possible serious side effects in a part of the population disproportionate to the problem), all after the passage of the pandemic wave! We are waiting for someone to accidentally discover a sneaky chemical that will deceive the virus!

In some centers for COVID 19, professors suggest taking poisonous substances for prevention for the medical staff! Without a system of hierarchical thinking of the potentials of each organism! How right Hanneman was 200 years ago! (Therapeutic Art Organon).

Is it too early for the herd to figure out what’s really going on? How many years of medieval isolationwillwe punish the general population ?
And of course if the wave comes back we will have the vaccine ready, to divert it to deeper chronic diseases!!!! (Homeopathic Topology)
We are trying with technology to extend the pandemic,assistedby medieval stillness to decompress the health system over time.

Someone would ask…What can we do? Let a large part of the population get sick and die, especially our beloved elderly relatives?

No one wonders why modern rich Northern States have the most victims…
It’s the fault of the planes, the ships, the old age, the overpopulation, the environment, the food, the pollution, the water, the epidemiologists, the 5G network (Rudolf Steiner), the doctors, the hospitals, the politicians, the measures that don’t got it in time, China, who’s to blame?
Does “science” itself have a problem? With modern homes, clean water, permanent heating, how do you explain the massacre in such sheltered and sophisticated accommodation?
And why we have heart attacks decreased in numbers? You don’t understand it, but why don’t you ask those who have known for many years that when an organism has an infection, the exacerbation of a chronic disease for the time is being reduced? (Hahnneman Organon).
And why do we need larger stockpiles of biomedical technology in the most advanced scientific and economic states? Is it because we undermined the temperament and immunity of the inhabitants of the developed countries of the North with the practices of sterile modern Medicine? You will tell me but they are mostly elderly on average!
And why did chronic diseases increase in numbers (COPD, diabetes, heart disease)? For many years (from Pasteur) and the Neopasterian Theory (chemotherapy), the whole building is lame and stands on loose ground!
 The expectation of survival in ancient Athens was the same and greater without the chemistry of Medicine!
The pharmaceutical industry has larger budgets than the arms trade! Of course we are talking about war! Towards our own nature!
What is a virus? (even if mutated).
And what is nature? Something much higher than our “science”. In a little while, the tide will turn back and as if no one has understood anything, the unrepentant high priests of modernist pagan medicine will continue to officiate in the hospitals!
The reckless use of antibiotics, the reckless exploitation of living organisms and soils, the biggest causes of death in hospitals (infections), do not discourage them in the slightest!
Calvinism knows no bounds!
Scientific approaches such as Per Bak’s self organized criticality, Thom catastrophes, chaotic biological systems of thought, cybernetics, have gone unnoticed! They measure linearly how the infection is transmitted to hospitals! Alternative Medicine (heretical) has no place in modern scientific health theory (since it challenges its foundations).

Biological coordination, the transmission of information through the virus, the effect of the environment on genes, the relationship between pandemic and climate change, the piano that was never played!
You will tell me…“what do you suggest? Should we die like stray
dogs for Nature?

In order for serious treatment suggestions to begin to be taken seriously, we must begin to accept that the king is naked! As long as we become death dealers and hope brokers of the regime’s Medical “science”, we have no hope!
Even our colleagues who try to communicate with classical medicine with protocols and programs, HAHNNEMAN would had named them Eclectics (without the use of the miasmatic theory how you can treat chronic deseases?)!
Excluded from the above the hero doctors and nursing staff of the front line and the advanced technology, although Bertolt Brecht deplored relationships that require heroism.

Although someone’s intention to help is energetically superior to the method he uses!
 The economy in our thinking and movement will save some souls temporarily but will not save humanity from the scourge of poly pharmacy and the uncontrolled exploitation of people, animals, plants and soils.
Without understanding the deeper and more complex mechanisms of chaotic coordination and regression, we have no hope of coexisting on the planet with the tiny dangerous seeds!

Don’t listen to other news! Put on a radio-garden with soft music and wait for the sermon to pass!
The resurrection of the biological sciences takes a few centuries to move towards more ecological paths. At least let’s leave with an open soul!

Constantine Tsitinides